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Afritia mission is to be the place customers find products they want without any hassle. Sellers and Buyers can actualize their dreams with the help of our easy-to-use application.

Afritia’s multi-marketplace is the secret to our cutting-edge platform, which spreads across the globe, helping to improve our consumer's experience but also help the seller’s productivity. As we aspire for greater heights every-day in pleasing our users, we also want to provide a safe shopping environment and offer competitive income to people wherever we operate.


Before the age of the internet, we have enjoyed the shopping experience with our friends and families but when the internet came shopping has been heavily marginalized and pushed to be a personal experience. But not anymore, shopping should no longer suffer social exclusion, hence, Afritia was birthed to give users the ability to shop for their essential items with their loved ones in a way that allows them to interact and share their shopping experience.

We are social e-commerce that goes beyond traditional buying and selling platforms. Afritia is a place where buying and selling meet with interacting, socializing, and communicating throughout the shopping experience. At the end of every user experience, we want our customers to remember Afritia as a place that satisfies all their shopping needs. We want users to sign-up as a buyer/seller or both, browse products, buy or sell, chat with family and friends, validate and brag about their products on social center, all in one app.


Our approach is to customize the power of technology to suit your shopping lifestyle and then put you in control of it. We believe this will help users solve many problems associated with shopping in a way they never thought possible with our customer focus social marketplace solution.